Birth Support

From my own first pregnancy journey, I have felt the calling to support others in their birth journeys – whatever that journey looks like and wherever the support is needed. I now offer birth support for:

  • Fertility Awareness & Planning

  • Fertility Support

  • Birth Support

  • Antepartum Support (Bedrest Support)

  • Postpartum Support


I currently teach classes in Springfield, Missouri. My classes are available to all in the area, whether you are my birth client or not. I try to make classes available for everyone by making them available on weekends and weeknights. I currently offer the following classes as group and/or private classes:

  • HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education

  • Spinning Babies® Parent Class

  • Preparing For Birth



art + Photo

  • Birth Photography

  • Fresh 48

  • Placenta Watercolor Prints

  • Placenta Casting

Meet the Doula

I am just like so many other mothers I know – struggling daily with the never-ending story that is motherhood, trying to build up mothers and parents around me in anyway I can. I support where I can and inform with the knowledge I have.

I support everyone, no matter their background, no matter where they are in the parenting journey, no matter their preferences, no matter their choice of birth. My goal is to inform and educate so that all of my clients can feel safe and secure making educated decisions along their journey.


Khristina Helmich