Birth Photography

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Birth Photography


Birth is such a sacred event, one of wonder and power and beauty. Just as I love supporting the birthing person and their families during birth as a doula, I love capturing those moments with photography. I hope you enjoy the photos below. If you’d like to see more, these families have graciously allowed me to share their memories in my blog posts as well. Please contact me for more information on how I can capture your birth day and more.


When it comes to photographing a birth, that one single birth will only happen one singular time. By investing in birth photography, you are investing in capturing moments in this miraculous experience that you and your partner(s) may remember and some you may not remember. In my style, I try to capture the essence of the room and the people in it.


This investment includes:

  • On call and within a fair radius of your birth location from 37 weeks on

  • I attend the birth from active labor at your birthing location up to 2 hours after the birth

  • Private link to view, share and purchase prints of your photos as well as download the digital versions. (Digital images are included in your purchase)

  • $50 credit on the professional image printing site

  • Discounts on other services!


  • Will you share my images on your website, social media, etc.? If you’ll let me! As part of the contract you sign an image release as well as write down which images you’d be comfortable sharing and ones you’d prefer I not share.

  • What should I wear in labor if you’re taking photos? Whatever you want! This is something we discuss in our first contract signing so that we are all on the same page as far as what you are comfortable with me photographing, etc.

  • What if I have a cesarean birth? There are a handful of providers that will let me in the room to photograph a cesarean. If for any reason I am not allowed in the room, I still photograph you going into the room, anyone outside waiting for you, and I stay until you’re out so that I can take more photos afterwards.

*All images on this page are property of Itur Ad Astra Birth Services and the clients involved in these particular births. Images have been posted with permission of the clients as birth is a sacred event. When taking photos at a birth where I have also been hired as the doula, my job as a doula ALWAYS comes first.

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