The Birth of Sophia + The Birth of a Doula.

To say I am a bit biased with this birth would be an understatement. I met the parents not at our first consult, but in college through mutual friends. We went on to become good friends and even walked beside each other at our college graduation. Years passed and we continued to stay in touch. 

When Ann became pregnant, I had already experienced my own 2 pregnancies and I was just beginning my journey towards doula certification through DONA. So when she began asking me questions about birth and labor, I was an overflowing pot of birthing information excited to pour that birthing education onto anyone that wanted it. Thankfully, she was open to the outpour and received it with an open heart. At that time, I was still searching for my first birth that I could use towards certification and Ann offered me that experience gladly. I was honored... and several other emotions of course.

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Then the big day came. I got the excited call in the morning that things might be happening. After texting back and forth throughout the morning and early afternoon, it was determined that Ann was in fact in early labor. It is important to note at this point that I serve the Lynchburg, Virginia area and Ann & her husband lived in Baltimore – a 3-4+ hour drive depending on traffic. 

After a 4 hour drive I arrived at the parents home to find them diligently doing exercises that we had talked about. Bags were packed and within 40 minutes of my arriving we were already headed to the hospital. Little did we know, that a mere 4 hours later after a beautiful, smooth and powerful labor, we would be meeting dear Sophia. 

So to say I am a bit biased would be an understatement, but Ann was such a calm yet fierce goddess during her labor and birthed beautifully. Her honorable husband Luis was there supporting her with strong encouragement and strong prayer. Sweet Sophia and her beautiful birth solidified my thoughts and dreams on becoming a doula and assisting women through the miracle that labor is.  This family made me a doula. Sophia and her parents will always hold a special place in my heart for their willingness to let me into that vulnerable, beautiful space and for making me the one thing I had dreamed of being for 3+ years....a doula. 

*All images in this post are property of Itur Ad Astra Birth Services and the clients involved in this particular birth. Images have been posted with permission of the clients as birth is a sacred event and should only be shared by those the parents wish to share it with.