A Homebirth in a Hospital

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear..." 1 John 4:18

I always tell my clients that "every birth is different" and to "always make a birth plan" no matter where they are planning to have their birth. I'm always amazed at how every birth truly is different, almost like the 100% unique fingerprints we are each given. I'm also amazed at how prepared we always think we are, but how you can never really be prepared. 

“You can certainly be prepared, maybe even 99% prepared, but never 100%. ”

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

These sweet clients of mine were prepared. They had read all of the books. They had a binder for a birth plan – yes, a binder! They were organized to the core. They had taken my HypnoBirthing® class and practiced enough that they were both able to fall asleep to every script by the end of the class. They were prepared.

But they were not prepared when they were no longer able to have a homebirth.

After being told that they could no longer have the homebirth they'd dreamed of due to unforeseen circumstances, we all had a little "heart-drop" moment. But we gathered in a prenatal meeting and made another plan. 

So instead, they brought their binder and what they'd learned to the hospital. I arrived around 1:00am.

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

To say she birthed beautifully would be an understatement. The lights were dim, the music was soft, quiet even. Her breaths were low and whispering. It was like a homebirth in a hospital. When I teach my HypnoBirthing® classes, I teach of births like hers – where the only sounds in the room are of the beautiful music in the background and the only whispers you here are of love. The room was truly magical. 

Now, to tell the rest the story, the mother's perspective has graciously been written by my client & sent to me to share with the world...

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

"My husband and I are very careful of what we share about our son on the ever-evolving world of the Internet. But one thing I have no qualms sharing is the story of how we welcomed him into this world. I share it in the hopes that my experience might bring comfort to the nervous expecting mom who thinks that the only way to birth is the exaggerated depictions of sitcoms and Hollywood movies. 
When I share my son’s birth story, I often get sentiments of sympathy surrounding some of the more dramatic parts. I had a unique medical situation arise during labor, after many other factors that led us to have a hospital birth instead of a home birth like we so wanted. When I hear such remarks about how hard or trying it must have been, I understand their sentiment, but I feel as if I must not be conveying my experience in labor well, because if I were they would feel no need for sympathies, but rather see how truly wonderful birth can be. While labor is a trying, tiring, and relentless process - mine was also peaceful, relaxing, empowering and unifying. I loved that I was able to have an all-natural vaginal birth, even in a place I had previously been terrified of. I loved labor (I know crazy!) even though while pushing I “popped” a small hole in my lung. When I say this, I get looks of confusion, as people wait with baited breath for me to lament or say I’m joking about enjoying the experience. 
While everybody experiences birth differently, for me the struggles that happened don’t diminish my positive experience of labor. Someday, when my son is older he will ask about the day he was born, and I will tell him. I’ll say 'One day there was this strong little boy and after a whole day of breathing for herself, his mom had to give up a little of her breath to help give him his first.'" - D. Smith

A special THANK YOU you to the nursing staff and CMG Forest Women's Center Midwives for being so amazing at this birth!

*All images in this post are property of Itur Ad Astra Birth Services and the clients involved in this particular birth. Images have been posted with permission of the clients as birth is a sacred event. When taking photos at a birth, my job as a doula ALWAYS comes first.

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