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Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

Photo by Khristina Helmich, Itur Ad Astra Birth Services

In december 2017...

I helped my sweet client, welcome a beautiful baby boy into the world. I took these photos of her and her family the day after her baby was born. It was such an exciting and wonderful day for everyone. I enjoyed seeing them all again at our postpartum visits.


Early february 2018...

I had a meeting with my client about postpartum depression. I told her about my own story and how I was battling through it at the time. She too was experiencing some of the same anxieties. We chatted briefly about going to some support groups together.

A few days later, I received a call from my client's husband that she had suddenly died from issues related to her medical history. 

We never got to go to those support groups together. Instead, I went to my first one, alone, because her and I had planned to better ourselves for our babies. She would have wanted me to go and she would have came with me.

It's hard to say that the postpartum time for mothers is more important than the prenatal time, but in the US today, postpartum time is the time when everyone usually stops asking about the mother – they come for the baby. People buy luxurious baby clothes and diapers, snuggle the baby and ask about their sleep routines. In most cases, the mother receives no new clothes, no additional ice pack diapers for her baby-exit area, no extra adult-size snuggles and no one asks how she's doing without first giving their own version of how she's doing such as "you have your hands full now", "you're doing fine" and "you're so blessed".

There were some days during my own postpartum depression that I honestly wanted to be blessed less.

This fund has been a long time coming...

This fund is in remembrance of Sarah, but is in honor of all moms struggling through their postpartum seasons. 10% of every purchase with Itur Ad Astra Birth Services – doula services, classes, essential oil purchases, etc. – will go to this fund. For my clients struggling to afford an extra night out alone, a consultation with a therapist, an extra postpartum visit, postpartum care overnight and more – this fund will benefit their postpartum needs. Women should not have to suffer through the postpartum season because of their financial status or the lack of care from their country's healthcare system.

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