Khristina was great! She was quick to respond any time I messaged her. She came to the hospital as soon as I told her I was ready and she stayed until about an hour and a half after my son was born. From the first text to my delivery was 30 hours and she was fantastic. Definitely committed to her job! I also took hypnobirthing with her and the class was amazing and super helpful during labor! Definitely recommend and would use her again for sure! - Danielle M., HypnoBirthing Class & Doula Client

Where do I even begin?! Khristina went above and beyond in my expectations as our doula and Hypnobirthing instructor.

This was my first pregnancy/birth and originally I hadn’t planned on hiring a doula or taking birthing classes. But as I moved further along on my pregnancy journey I felt that having a doula would be beneficial to myself and my husband, especially since we were having a home birth and didn’t exactly know what to expect.

As soon as I met with Khristina over coffee for our initial consultation I knew that she was the doula I wanted. Her calm, sweet spirit put me at ease while her passion and knowledge of pregnancy and birth gave me confidence in her and in myself.

Our weekly Hypnobirthing classes with Khristina quickly became one of my favorite parts of the week. Khristina showed mastery in the knowledge of Hypnobirthing and was very helpful in answering any questions I had about pregnancy and labor. We started and ended every class by taking a positive birthing affirmation, which Khristina encouraged us to take home and hang somewhere we would see it often. I loved that that we were encouraged to leave all negativity outside the classroom and only focus on the positive. I don’t know what I would have done without these classes.

As our doula, Khristina proved to be such a blessing. She provided my husband and I with resources to help equip us for the birth of our son such as comfort measures and positions I could use to ease discomfort. I immediately felt a sense of peace and calm when Khristina arrived at my apartment when I was in labor. I don’t remember a lot from the time I was in active labor onward, but I remember Khristina setting up her diffuser, she and my husband massaging my legs with essential oils, her reminding me to relax my muscles (I needed that!), and whispering to me that I was doing an amazing job. Even when my birth took an unexpected turn and I had to have an episiotomy, having her by my side gave me courage. Despite the slight turn of events, I had a very positive, peaceful, unmedicated birth at home which is exactly what I had prayed for.

After the birth Khristina set to work washing laundry, cleaning our apartment, and even fixing me and my husband lunch. She came back to visit twice after the birth for postpartum visits - she brought my husband and I food, washed our dishes, did a load of laundry, folded clothes, and just hung out with us. God truly blessed me by bringing Khristina into my life and I can’t imagine what my labor and birth would have been like without her by my side. I would highly recommend her services to any expecting mama! - Ashley S., HypnoBirthing Class & Doula Client

I did hypnobirthing classes with Khristina and it was so obvious she has a great passion for mothers and babies and birth. She made us feel super comfortable and did her best to answer any questions. I looked forward to labor and the birth of my baby because of the confidence she instilled in me. - Talia C., HypnoBirthing Class

Khristina is amazing. I am a staff member at the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center and had the privilege of sitting in on one of her classes. Khristina was able to put our young moms at ease while explaining the labor and birth process, all while turning the attention back on Christ. The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center highly recommends Itur Ad Astra Birth Services for all of your labor and delivery needs. - Kimbi B., Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center

I cant imagine how exhausting, stressful and complicated our birth would have been without her.

We successfully had our second home birth. she was our wild card child (#3). This was our first time using a Doula, honestly i had no clue what one was. My midwife recommended I take a hypnobirth class, sadly our schedules did not match up easily-husbands work changes. yet for some reason I felt, even with money tight, compelled by God to hire her for our birth.

Baby day arrived. I was in labor from 330am but new there was no hurry- my poor husband was worried and still wanted me to call I waited till 530am to ask everyone to come. our daughter arrived at 1:09pm. it was the longest intense labor I had ever had. without Khristina there it would have been far longer and harder I'm sure of it. baby was head down but facing the wrong way, and with each contraction my body was trying to move her. Khristina was with me the whole time. 7+hours, talking with me, exercises, and more. my husband had to watch our other children, and was unable to assist me. Khristina was a huge help and stress reliever knowing I didn't have to do it alone.

Without hesitation I would hire her for another birth, and reccomend her to everyone. Her passion and care towards the laboring mother was more then I could have ever imagined from anyone. And the skills and knowledge she brought to this birth were priceless. - Samantha S., Doula Client


Khristina is absolutely amazing. She helped give us information and prepare for our first child’s birth so well. We felt so comfortable and prepared because of her help. She was great at explaining pregnancy, labor and birth as well as helped us develop a birth plan. When we had to change from a home birth to a hospital birth she was awesome at answering all our questions and helped us feel comfortable and prepared. During labor she was wonderful at taking care of communicating with staff so my husband could help me focus on laboring. When a complication came up after my labor, Khristina helped locate donated breast milk so that my little one was able to eat while we were separated. Once we got home, she came over during the post-partum period to help out and just chat. Khristina was literally a life saver and was the best birth support anyone could ask for, I highly recommend her doula services to anyone! - Danielle S., HypnoBirthing Class & Doula Client

Let me begin by saying that I had an unmedicated marathon labor at home (54 hours) — Khristina was there for the WHOLE thing. She is truly a rockstar doula. She coached me through hard contractions and helped me to relax and get rest in between. I really don’t think I could have managed my long unmedicated home birth without her by my side. I would recommend her doula services and her Hypnobirthing class to any woman. Whether you’re a first time mom or an experienced mom you will certainly benefit from having her as a part of your birth team. I can’t say enough good things about her. Postpartum she helped me transition into motherhood and she gave me one-on-one cloth diaper instruction. Y’all, she even baked for me. She is kind and supportive and she never even got frustrated when she had to tell me to relax my shoulders for the 100th time. I could go on for days about how much I appreciate her support and wisdom. I will FOR SURE be contacting her for my subsequent births. - Kendell W., HypnoBirthing Class & Doula Client

Khristina is not only a good friend, but an excellent doula. I asked her many questions during the weeks leading up to my daughter's birth and she checked in on me often.  If it wasn't for her and her amazing methods, I wouldn't have been able to have a natural birth. She encouraged, prayed over and coached me through the whole thing. If I'm blessed with more children, I'm definitely hiring Khristina again - no question. - Ann L., Doula Client

Call me biased, but Khristina is such a great doula! We’ve been friends since the beginning of time, but she never made me feel like I was asking a stupid question. Since this was my first child, I felt like I had a question about something every day! She would text me or call me and see how things were going and how I was feeling. She told me techniques to practice for labor and delivery to keep me calm, as well as exercises to help keep delivery smooth. I always knew that I could go to her for anything. And even after having my daughter, I know that if I have a question I can always ask her. - Sheryl D., Doula Client